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Use the HTTPS Everywhere plugin on Google Chrome

The “S” in HTTPS in a URL is an indication that you can trust that website with your personal information. To avoid using sites without the “S,” you can install a plugin on Google Chrome, which automatically switches sites from HTTP to HTTPS. To add the plugin: Go to Home in the Chrome web store. […]

Enable an ad blocker on your browser

Many people use ad blockers simply to have a more pleasant browsing experience. As an added bonus, these applications limit the chance that you’ll encounter malicious ads, reducing the overall attack surface of your device. Search for trustworthy, well-reviewed plug-ins or add-ons through official browser stores.

Consider the tradeoffs of ad blockers

Ad-blocking extensions in web browsers can keep intrusive ads off pages and potentially speed up your browsing. However, they can also break functionality on some sites, hog RAM and even collect data without your knowledge as part of their business models. Think carefully and consider that many of the most annoying ads are already blocked […]

Limit Facebook’s insight into your Internet activities

Facebook can be a useful platform for keeping in touch with friends and family. However, it collects immense data on its users, even when they leave the site. Consider installing a browser add-on like Facebook Container in Firefox to hide your web browsing details from Facebook and prevent targeted ads and suggestions.