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What is a browser plug-in?

Occasionally browsers require the installation of additional software known as plug-ins to provide additional functionality. Like Java and ActiveX controls, plug-ins may be used in an attack, so before installing them, make sure that they are necessary and that the site you have to download them from is trustworthy.

Type a URL or use a bookmark instead of clicking a link

This advice isn’t always feasible. However, when you can, consider visiting a website via a saved bookmark or by manually typing in the address, instead of clicking a link from an email or other source. The latter method might take you somewhere unexpected. Using a bookmark or typing (with or without browser auto-complete) is generally […]

Check the permissions a browser extension asks for

Browser extensions provide a lot of useful functionality, from quick ways to save a page to various filters that block intrusive content. It’s important to know what information these extensions have access to, though. For example, some can read and modify data on all the pages you’re viewing. Make sure you can trust the extension […]

Update your web browser as soon as possible (or, even better, automatically)

Web browsers are essential tools on mobile and desktop devices. As such, they are magnets for cyberattackers looking to exploit flaws in their architectures, plugins, extensions and more. For this reason, it’s advisable to update them as soon as possible by either checking an app store (on mobile) or finding the right button in their […]

Create a bookmarks list for websites

All major desktop and mobile browsers let you create bookmarks for individual websites, which can be clicked/tapped from a list to visit the site in question. It might seem like a trivial feature, but it’s actually a good security enhancement, since it spares you from needing to manually type in URLs or click on links […]

Block pop-up advertisements

Pop-up blockers disable windows that could potentially contain malicious code. Most modern browsers have a feature that you can enable to block pop-up advertisements, check in the browser settings.