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Zeus for Sale

The veteran Trojan Horse named ‘Zeus’ , which is active since 2007 and managed to knock many enterprise networks now returns thanks to a Facebook page that was set up for it. While in the meantime the page in question has been removed  from the social network, there have been a variety of botnet updates […]

WordPress Bloggers?

Got an account at You should replace your password.Over the weekend an unidentified group of hackers raised a huge offensive attack against blogs that use this popular content management system. Growing number of attacks, during which hackers try to break into websites with the user name ‘Admin’ and a long chain of common passwords […]

Facebook virus: Distribution brings the solution

A Facebook attack started yesterday evening spread throughout the world. Still not clear what was its goal, but it’s probably another attempt to create a computer network attack for a wider future assault. Reason for optimism: The high explosive might of the virus will eventually bring the solution. A likely scenario is possible for the […]