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Control your phone through your desktop or laptop

Normally, if you get a notification such as a text message or phone call while using another device, you would need to stop what you’re doing and switch tasks to answer the phone. Rather than suffer through this back-and-forth, you can integrate your phone with your computer. For example, Microsoft has a free app you […]

Disable Bluetooth when you’re not using it, both for security and battery purposes

Bluetooth transfers can contain sensitive information that’s unsecured similar to a public Wi-Fi network. Not only that, having Bluetooth on all the time can significantly drain your device’s battery. Turn it off when you’re not using it.

Disable Bluetooth when it’s not being used

Bluetooth can be an exceptionally useful wireless technology when connecting a range of devices including earbuds, microphones or personal vehicles. However, leaving Bluetooth on all the time, especially if you frequent public areas, can be a security risk. Turn it off when you’re not using it, and only turn it back on if you’re sure […]

What’s Bluetooth used for?

Bluetooth is a technology that permits devices to connect with each other without cables or wires. It is an electronics “standard,” which means that producers that want to include this feature must include specific requirements into their electronic devices. These specifications safeguard that the devices can distinguish and interact with other devices that also use […]

Turn off your Bluetooth feature when you’re not using it

Just like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is a technology common to many types of devices that sends information wirelessly. Unfortunately, this information isn’t encrypted. It’s best to only turn Bluetooth on when you’re planning to use it, and then turning it off when you’re done.

Secure your printers

A printer is an easily overlooked member of your IoT family, but consider how advanced modern printers are. Many are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and they’re connected to your network, both at home and in the office. Without suitable precautions in place, your printer could be the backdoor a hacker needs to access your network. […]