Watch Dogs: Watch out

Gamers who downloaded a cracked version of the action game ‘Watch Dogs’ that deals with virtual hacking, fell victim to real life hacking.

The ‘Watch Dogs’ game that allows gamers to break into an imaginary city systems, became a cyber-trap on its own to users who downloaded its pirated version. The users discovered that their computer has been connected to a network of bots that harvest Bitcoin for a real hacker.

More than sixty thousand users have downloaded this illegal version of the action game. The game included a malicious code that has taken over the computers it was installed on and connected them to a Bitcoin network that secretly harvested for the hacker.

Ironically, in the game itself the player enters the shoes of one Adrian Pearce, a hacker who can hack easily any system and electronic device. He is able to hack any smart phone and steal information about other characters, disrupt the transportation infrastructure and make it harder for enemies to capture him and more.
The real hacker however simply uploaded a cracked version of the game onto a file sharing site, and waited…
It didn’t take long and one by one users fell into the trap and were hooked to the big botnet providing the hacker with the computing power required for mining the virtual currency.

Gamers often have particularly powerful computers , which made it easier for the hacker with the mining.
It seems like the malware steals up-to 25% performance from the computer. It is estimated that the hacker managed to produce Bitcoins worth between 100 and 200 thousand dollars.