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Use a surge protector to prevent data loss

Overloading electrical sockets can lead to surges that result in damage to personal computers and even data loss. It’s important to regularly back up important data. To prevent damage to local machines, use a surge protector for any desktop configuration that requires power for multiple devices.

Coil your cables properly

Not everything can be wireless, and for every device that has to be connected, there’s a cable that needs to be properly coiled for storage. Otherwise, you risk damaging these cords and suffering possible data loss. To coil cables the right way, feel for where the cord naturally bends at uniform intervals, and spool it […]

Support your wrists with good mouse habits

Good posture and proper typing technique are important for anybody who uses a computer several hours each day. Proper mouse-handling techniques are just as important for limiting wrist issues. Keep a loose grip, and don’t rest your wrist on the desk.

Protect your eyes from excessive screen time

Spending a lot of time at the desk or staring at a mobile device can lead to eyestrain. Try to situate your workstation in a place that allows you to take breaks where you can look far away while also being protected from excessive glare. Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out. That’s “Ctrl” […]

Protect your data with a good digital defense

Make sure that you regularly make offline back-ups of all of your computers, phones, or other devices. Disconnect them backups—both virtually and physically—from your main systems. Use high-quality antivirus and anti-malware software appropriate to your devices and make sure to enable automatic updates on them. Make sure your devices have the latest operating software updates […]

Be mindful of opaque in-app subscriptions

You might have a few active subscriptions, perhaps to services for video or music streaming. The subscription model has also migrated to apps, some of which present them in very confusing ways that involve you getting a free trial that segues into a expensive annual subscription that can be surprisingly difficult to cancel. Read carefully […]