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Free antivirus: buyer beware

Free antivirus software can be tempting, but it’s important to be aware of the risks. In exchange for not charging a price, some free antivirus solutions may collect and sell your personal data. Others may not provide any real protection at all. If you’re looking for antivirus software, it’s best to stick with trusted vendors […]

Antivirus software is useful for most devices, but not all

You should definitely have antivirus software — or, even better, a complete security suite — on any Windows, macOS, Android or iOS-based device. However, this type of service is almost entirely pointless on FireOS or Linux equipment, as there are extremely few cyberthreats to consider. People who make malware want to target large numbers of […]

The most common ways to contract computer viruses

Like biological viruses, computer viruses spread in highly specific ways. Just as influenza infects people via airborne droplets containing virions the body’s immune systems can’t stop, malware takes over computing devices by bypassing their defenses. In other words, viruses don’t come out of nowhere, and with the right preparations it’s possible to contain them before they cause […]

Look out for fake antivirus solutions

Antivirus software is a valuable tool if it’s from a legitimate vendor. There are a lot of fake AV solutions out there that assertively try to get you to install them so that they can collect your information. Only purchase Antivirus software from trusted vendors like Total Defense.

Limit how many antivirus programs you install

Security Suites that incorporate both antivirus and anti-spyware capabilities together are now available, like our Total Defense Ultimate product. If you decide to choose separate programs, you only need one antivirus program and one anti-spyware program. Installing more programs increases your risk for problems.

Pay attention to the permissions you’re giving to apps

After installing and opening a smartphone app, oftentimes your phone will ask if you’d like to give the app access to certain functionalities of your phone, such as your camera or microphone. You should be especially careful if it asks permission to access your data, such as your contacts. Even though there are security measures […]