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Look out for fake antivirus solutions

Antivirus software is a valuable tool if it’s from a legitimate vendor. There are a lot of fake AV solutions out there that assertively try to get you to install them so that they can collect your information. Only purchase Antivirus software from trusted vendors like Total Defense.

Look for multi-device online security solutions

Most days you are using multiple computing devices throughout the day to access the internet. No matter which ones you use, be sure you’re running security software that works across all of them. Leading options like Total Defense Ultimate Internet Security can be installed on as many as 10 different devices.

Limit how many antivirus programs you install

Security Suites that incorporate both antivirus and anti-spyware capabilities together are now available, like our Total Defense Ultimate product. If you decide to choose separate programs, you only need one antivirus program and one anti-spyware program. Installing more programs increases your risk for problems.

Launch monthly malware checks

Have you been infected with malware? Aside from the regular warnings signs – popups, crashes, random messages and redirected browsers – there may be something you’ve missed. Run a malware scan every month or so to make sure you haven’t been compromised. Antivirus software will often give you a free scan, and if it does […]

Be sure to read software licensing agreements

When buying software digitally, there’s usually a license agreement that you must accept to complete the purchase. You don’t really have a choice if you want to use the software, but it’s worth looking at key details; for example, search for the word “sold” to determine if the product is merely being licensed and not […]

Use internet connections you trust

Connections such as your home internet service or cellular (LTE/5G) connection through your wireless carrier. Public wi-fi networks are not very secure, which makes it easy for others to intercept your data. If you choose to connect to open networks, consider using antivirus and firewall software on your device or using a Virtual Private Network […]