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How to safeguard your mobile devices with internet security software

From banking to messages, your mobile device contains a plethora of important — oftentimes sensitive — information, making it a target for cybercriminals. These criminals will leverage gaps in mobile security to gain unauthorized access, resulting in both professional and personal consequences. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to fortify your mobile devices, such […]

Don’t forget to log out of work software

Many remote workers tend to stay logged into company applications (such as email and project management platforms) when they’ve finished their work for the day. However, staying logged in when you’re not actively working can lead to security risks. That’s because your anti-malware software alerts you when there may be cyber threats and you can […]

Keep your cybersecurity as simple as possible

When it comes to business cybersecurity, there can be too much of a good thing. As your cybersecurity solutions become more complex, they also become more difficult to manage, which can cause configuration or other security issues. For example, it’s not a good idea to have multiple antivirus or antimalware solutions running at one time. […]

Why is computer security crucial?

Since computers have become integral to our daily lives and handle a vast amount of personal data, it is vital to establish and maintain robust security measures. Computers are indispensable in various aspects of our lives. Properly setting up your home computer before connecting to the internet is essential to protect both the device and […]

Beware of counterfeit antivirus software

Numerous security applications lack credibility. Some may even heighten your vulnerability while claiming to be “cleaners” or “protectors” of your digital activities. Choose a reputable vendor, such as Total Defense, and remain cautious of persistent alerts and forceful installation prompts. By doing thorough research and reading reviews from trusted sources, you can avoid falling victim […]

Total Defense awarded the highest rating from AV-Comparatives on Real-World Protection Tests

Total Defense has been awarded the highest ranking (Advanced+) in the three-month Real-World Protection test carried out by independent testing laboratory AV-Comparatives. This test assesses the real-world protection capabilities of top antivirus software, simulating the typical PC use experience. The real-world protection test is one of the most comprehensive, leveraging all protection features antivirus programs […]