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Download with caution: guarding against spyware ️

We’ve all been there. You stumble upon a website offering a free program that seems like a dream come true. Maybe it’s a fancy photo editor with tons of filters, or a spellchecker that promises to write error-free emails. These tempting downloads can sometimes be hiding a nasty surprise: spyware. Spyware is sneaky software that […]

Malware monsters? Don’t sweat it– get Antivirus armor

Ever heard of “malware”? It’s like digital gremlins trying to mess with your computer. But fear not, brave user. Antivirus software is your shield against these nasty bits of code. Think of it like a superhero stopping bad guys before they can harm you. It scans your computer, catching and blocking malware before it can […]

Allow automatic software updates

Configure endpoints to receive automatic software updates for operating systems and applications. Keeping software up-to-date is key for patching known vulnerabilities and enhancing your organization’s overall security. Automated updates ensure that endpoints are consistently resilient against the latest security threats without relying solely on manual intervention.

Implement endpoint security solutions

Endpoints are common targets for cyber threats — particularly those lacking tested security measures. For that reason, consider implementing endpoint security solutions, including antivirus software, firewalls and device encryption, among other measures that are contextual to your organization’s infrastructure. And to further strengthen your cybersecurity posture, look to regularly update, monitor and audit these solutions, […]

Remember code red – the worm that gave the internet a fever

Ever heard of the Code Red worm? Imagine a digital monster hopping from computer to computer, causing chaos and mayhem back in 2001. But this wasn’t a Hollywood movie – it was a real threat that shook the internet to its core. Let’s take a trip back in time to see how this digital villain […]

Regularly update and patch systems: seal the cracks in your digital armor

Imagine your network as a castle, but with tiny cracks in the walls. Hackers love those cracks – they’re their way in to steal data and wreak havoc. But fear not, brave defenders! The solution is simple: patching and updates! Why patch? It’s like fixing your armor! Software makers constantly discover and fix security holes […]