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Pick antivirus that won’t grind your PC to a halt

Depending on the solution, antivirus software can noticeably degrade PC performance as it scans. This hit can be particularly costly if you rely on VoIP, video conferencing or virtual desktop software that needs steady performance. Make sure your AV solution doesn’t jeopardize your applications.

Protect your data with a good digital defense

Make sure that you regularly make offline back-ups of all of your computers, phones, or other devices. Disconnect them backups—both virtually and physically—from your main systems. Use high-quality antivirus and anti-malware software appropriate to your devices and make sure to enable automatic updates on them. Make sure your devices have the latest operating software updates […]

Invest in a quality antivirus solution

There are many free antivirus solutions out there that promise to block malware attacks, but the truth is that many of these products come with limitations. Users of free antivirus programs commonly experience unreliable customer support, buggy updates and unauthorized sharing of data. So, when it comes to cybersecurity, do your future self a favor […]

Be cautious when downloading free antivirus products

If you’re trying to protect your computer with antivirus software, don’t take the cheap route. The security of your private data is worth the investment, as the consequences of a malware infection can be much more financially strenuous than making a one-time purchase. Many free solutions are ineffective and come with potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). […]

Just because you have antivirus installed doesn’t mean you’re totally safe

If you recently bought and downloaded an antivirus solution, don’t assume you’re off the hook when it comes to cyberthreats. There are some sophisticated hacking techniques out there which can evade antivirus efforts. For example, email phishing scams often include malware attachments that might go undetected by antivirus solutions. So even if you have antivirus […]

Download antivirus software

If you really want to protect your computer from malware, consider shopping around for antivirus software. These products are designed to stop, detect, and eliminate malware infections on your computer. Standard antivirus software solutions protect you from threats such as phishing attacks, spyware, viruses, and spam.