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Microsoft tech support scams trick users into giving up sensitive information

Scammers have been producing fake technical support messages from Microsoft. 

How much evil can be swallowed?

A new Trojan was discovered, which is well hidden in a very encrypted and complicated code, and if that’s not enough, it penetrates few loopholes in the operating system and becomes impossible to remove! So what can be done? Android users, beware! A new Trojan horse, worse than all its predecessors all together, is starting […]

An alarming surge in the number of Android malware.

During the first quarter of 2013 there has been a very high growth rate ever seen of new malware penetration into the market. The trend indicates a growing number of professional malware vendors that work systematically to find loopholes in the operating systems. The number of malware activities which threaten smart phones and tablets surged […]

New malicious spyware in Google Play

New malicious spyware spreading around in Google Play, threatening millions of Android users. The good news is that you’re only infected if you downloaded a funny Russian app, intended to transcribe other common applications. The bad news is it’s probably popular applications since millions of users have already been infected. The spyware received the non-surprising […]

Android Malware adopts reflections

In our earlier blogs, we have highlighted how Android Malware authors are quickly adopting various tricks from the age-old and vast pool of desktop Malware tricks. In this blogpost, we will talk about one such trick which is an adoption from desktop malware. While processing a recent bunch of malware collections, we have noticed heavy […]

Android Social Engineering Threats in the Spotlight

In all of our earlier blogs about the Android threats, we have highlighted the fact that user awareness is one of the most important factors to fight against the social engineering threats. Yesterday, a familiar Android threat was making news powered by a sound social engineering trick.  This blog looks at the differences/similarities of the […]