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Turn off biometric mobile access on Android if you fear it could be abused

Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning are convenient ways to tap into your phone quickly while providing security against unwanted access. If you worry the technology could be abused, however, you can easily turn off biometrics on Android. Under the “Lock screen & security” settings, select the appropriate section under Biometrics, and turn it off. Using […]

Make your Android access settings more secure

A four-digit PIN is better than nothing, but it’s not the most secure method for unlocking your mobile device. On Android devices, you can use stronger settings, like complex patterns, sophisticated passwords or biometrics, including fingerprints and facial recognition. Set up a screen lock for your device, and the stronger it is, the better.

Connect an Android phone to your Chromebook for streamlined security

Some Chromebooks support automatic pairing with Android phones. This combination makes it easy to share a data connection between the two devices and to sign in without having to type in a password. An on-device security application can help protect your Android handset or tablet from multiple threats. Total Defense Mobile Security shields against malware, […]

Turn off Bluetooth to avoid getting AirDrop spam

Cybercriminals often use Bluetooth channels as a way to invade peoples’ smartphones. For user convenience, iPhone and Android devices automatically leave Bluetooth on. So to avoid receiving unwanted AirDrop spam, remember to always switch Bluetooth (and Wi-Fi) off when you’re done using it.

Use Find My Device on Android

What would you do if your Android device were lost or stolen? The web-based Find My Device (find my android) service makes it relatively straightforward to manage these situations. If you lose your phone you can log into the Google account associated with the device(s) and then locate and remotely wipe all of their data […]

Don’t sideload apps on Android

Depending on the device and OS version, it may be possible to sideload apps in Android. This simply means installing an app without going through an official app store. Sideloading can be dangerous since the app in question isn’t automatically vetted for security flaws or updated with the latest patches and fixes.