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Avoid downloading third-party skills to your Alexa device

Skills – essentially apps – can be downloaded to an Alexa device to teach it new capabilities. Although useful, many of these skills are created by third-party developers, a lot of which don’t have complete privacy policies. In other words, there’s not always a guarantee how that developer will use your data. More importantly, Amazon […]

Delete recordings on your Amazon Alexa to protect your privacy

Did you know that Alexa is always listening? Alexa listens for your “wake” word, the phrase that tells the device to start doing something. When you say Alexa’s wake word, the device will record everything it hears until the interaction has ended. It does this to optimize and personalize its performance specifically to the user. […]

Block your address book on your Alexa device

If your Alexa device hears you incorrectly, it might send a text message or email you did not intend, or it might call someone you didn’t mean to call. Disable the address book sharing feature on your Alexa device to prevent this. To block your address book: Open Conversations in the Alexa app. Tap the […]

Use your Alexa voice remote and mute the microphone on the Alexa device

Alexa devices only store relevant information, but if you would like to make sure it only records you when you speak specifically to it, you can turn off the microphone and only talk to it through the voice remote, which comes with the device. To turn off the microphone, just push the mute button on […]

Delete your Alexa voice recordings daily

Your Alexa device keeps recordings of some of the things you say to it. Only recordings that are considered relevant are retained, however, that could be more than you realize. If you don’t want a record of what you’ve said to your Alexa device, delete your voice recordings every night. Just say “Alexa, delete what […]

Change your Alexa wake word

If you have an Echo, or another Alexa device, it could be listening to your conversations if your wake word is something you use often. Amazon claims that only relevant conversations are stored, but if you want to limit the amount of conversations that fall in this category, you may need to be more cautious. […]