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Be mindful of voice assistants

While voice assistants offer convenience and entertainment value, be mindful of their potential privacy implications. Voice assistants continually listen for voice commands whenever active, raising concerns about data privacy and security. Review the device’s privacy settings and disable any features that don’t align with your security preference, and be cautious when linking sensitive accounts or […]

Why you should secure your smart home devices with internet security software

These days, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a device that’s connected to the web. The internet of things (IoT) is a global network of technologies that uses internet connections to transmit and receive data. It’s fundamentally changed the way we work and live. We employ this technology in all places, from the office […]

Beware of copycat apps

It’s all too easy to accidentally install a malicious app on your phone. This could be because an app mimics a legitimate one; for example, if you want the Amazon Alexa app, make sure it’s the official software by Amazon by checking the source and reading the user reviews. Also, be wary of apps that […]

Avoid downloading third-party skills to your Alexa device

Skills – essentially apps – can be downloaded to an Alexa device to teach it new capabilities. Although useful, many of these skills are created by third-party developers, a lot of which don’t have complete privacy policies. In other words, there’s not always a guarantee how that developer will use your data. More importantly, Amazon […]

Delete recordings on your Amazon Alexa to protect your privacy

Did you know that Alexa is always listening? Alexa listens for your “wake” word, the phrase that tells the device to start doing something. When you say Alexa’s wake word, the device will record everything it hears until the interaction has ended. It does this to optimize and personalize its performance specifically to the user. […]

Block your address book on your Alexa device

If your Alexa device hears you incorrectly, it might send a text message or email you did not intend, or it might call someone you didn’t mean to call. Disable the address book sharing feature on your Alexa device to prevent this. To block your address book: Open Conversations in the Alexa app. Tap the […]