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Mobile meltdown: how recent outages impacted you (and what you can do)

Remember that recent mobile network outage? Ugh, not a fun time. But beyond the initial annoyance, what did it mean for the average mobile user? Let’s break it down. Feeling Disconnected: Imagine your phone, your lifeline to the digital world, suddenly going silent. No calls, texts, or internet access. That’s exactly what happened to millions […]

Switch between “G” networks for better mobile signal

Although public Wi-Fi networks are readily available in most places, there are times when people need to use mobile data. Often, we may not get a strong enough signal on a 4G or 5G network. You can get around this problem by manually switching your phone to a 2G or 3G bandwidth. Android users can […]

Understand the difference between carrier redundancy and network redundancy

Carrier redundancy refers to having more than one carrier at a time as a means of backup connectivity. If one carrier experiences an outage, then the second carrier comes online to pick up the connection. Network redundancy means having more than one type of connection available at one time. Normally, this means having a ground-up […]

Disable mobile connectivity technologies you don’t use

While faster than 4G LTE, 5G has to function in addition to 4G LTE connectivity, meaning having both on at the same time can rapidly drain your battery. Many mobile devices these days support 5G technology and have it on by default, but not every area is covered by 5G. If you’re in an area […]

Explore mmWave 5G as an alternative to public Wi-Fi hotspots

If you have a phone that supports mmWave 5G (e.g., iPhone 12 and later) along with an ample data plan, it can be a good alternative to public Wi-Fi hotspots in dense areas. Not only is it much faster, but it’s also more secure, since there isn’t the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks. Just be mindful […]

More devices, more vulnerabilities – What 5G networks mean for mobile and IoT security

By now, you might have heard or read something about 5G mobile networks. As the name suggests, 5G denotes the fifth generation of cellular data and voice technology. Each generation so far has represented a significant technological advancement: 1G pioneered truly wireless calling as well as roaming. 2G introduced digital call encryption and SMS (text […]