Time to disable Java from your browser?

After the US CERT, an organization belong to the American government, published multiple security warnings since the beginning of the year, it’s probably a good advice to disable the functionality of Java in your browser, if you haven’t done so already.
Multiple security holes have been discovered and a fixed in the past, but it seems that the latest Java security problem came to new levels. As a result of the vulnerability breach in Java security, which can be exploited by potential attackers to run malicious code on the user’s computer, Oracle released a fix patch in lightning speed, but some companies were not waiting for the repair of Oracle. Apple for example added the latest versions of Java to its blacklist, as well as decided to remove the Java plugin from its latest browsers.
Mozilla, however, decided to allow the user to run Java applets using the Click-To-Play Firefox browser, an option that was previously available only for older versions of Java. However, not clear why Google and Microsoft still have not taken any steps to protect their users security holes, but it is likely that these measures will come eventually.

Do not be confused, the Java security holes come as a result of attacks on its plugin in the browser and there is no connection between Java to JavaScript language based on it. Although you can simply remove Java from your computer and remove the problem from its root, you can just disable the plugin in all browsers running on your computer to protect yourself from the problem, and still play Minecraft…

So how to disable Java?
In Chrome – write in the address bar the following command: chrome://plugins. Chrome Extensions tab will rise. Find the Java and choose Disable to disable the plugin. Then restart your browser.
Safari – Select ‘Safari’ from the top menu and then ‘Preferences’. Select the ‘Security’ on the top line of the new window and remove the check box called ‘Enable Java’, if it is selected. Restart the browser.
Internet Explorer – On the top menu select ‘Tools’  then ‘Extensions Management’. On the bottom where it says ‘Show’ choose ‘All Extensions’ the disable all ‘Oracle America, Inc.’ options. Restart the browser.
Firefox – Go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Extensions’. Then choose ‘Plug Ins’. Scroll through the list of plugins until you find an item that begins with ‘Java TM’ and disable it. Restart the browser..