The largest cyber-attack in history

You may not feel it, but during the recent hours the largest cyber-attack in history is occurring.
Multiple DDOS type attacks take place between two of the largest European network organizations and so much traffic is going around that it causes a huge load on the global World Wide Web.

The attack take place between ‘SpamHaus’, a London-based organization that aims to fight spam host servers, and the hosting company ‘CyberBunker’, a Dutch company that according to its own announcement does not refuse to any customer.

SpamHaus recently decided to put the servers of CyberBunker in its blacklist, and that dragged hackers using CyberBunker servers to a war.
Hackers are sending during the last hours huge traffic towards SpamHaus in order to make the company’s servers crash.
Many email accounts that work with SpamHaus servers are not functioning. The attack also affects the U.S. streaming video service – Netflix.