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Zeus for Sale

The veteran Trojan Horse named ‘Zeus’ , which is active since 2007 and managed to knock many enterprise networks now returns thanks to a Facebook page that was set up for it. While in the meantime the page in question has been removed  from the social network, there have been a variety of botnet updates […]

Happy birthday: 31 years to the computer virus

Thirty-one years ago, in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa. , a boy in the ninth grade, Richard Skrenta decided it is not enough for him to put glue on lockers of friends or pick on some weaker kid. No, not Skrenta. He wanted to take his antics to a different level. To understand what was […]

Japan get ready – Zeus is coming!

Zeus, called after the Greek deity, now establishing new point of interest: Japan Internet banking Consumers Zeus along with other financial Trojans are already a huge headache to internet banking consumers around the globe for a long time.Specific nations for instance the japanese have escaped assaults from financial Trojans, possibly as a result of language […]