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Use a surge protector to prevent data loss

Overloading electrical sockets can lead to surges that result in damage to personal computers and even data loss. It’s important to regularly back up important data. To prevent damage to local machines, use a surge protector for any desktop configuration that requires power for multiple devices.

Before connecting a new computer to the Internet install antivirus software

Installing an antivirus software program and keeping it up-to-date is a critical step in protecting your computer. Many types of antivirus software can detect the presence of malware by searching for patterns in your computer’s files or memory. Antivirus software uses signatures provided by software vendors to identify malware. Vendors frequently create new signatures to […]

Coil your cables properly

Not everything can be wireless, and for every device that has to be connected, there’s a cable that needs to be properly coiled for storage. Otherwise, you risk damaging these cords and suffering possible data loss. To coil cables the right way, feel for where the cord naturally bends at uniform intervals, and spool it […]

Best practices for Office 365 security

As businesses shifted to accommodate the needs of their newly remote workforces following the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers took note. In order to exploit the uncertainty surrounding the rapid deployment of new software and security solutions, they engaged in deceptive phishing attacks. Targeting Office 365 credentials TechRadar reported on one such attack that encouraged recipients to […]

Change your sharing settings for a folder in Google Drive

It’s considered a best practice in the world of cybersecurity to limit access only to people who need it. To reduce your sharing settings for a folder in Google Drive, right-click the folder and select “Share.” Add people or groups who need access and remove those who don’t. If you use Drive as part of […]

Blur your background for all Skype calls on Windows, macOS or Linux

If you’re worried about potentially sharing personal information from your environment during your next Skype call, consider blurring the background. To do this for all calls, click on your profile picture, and navigate to the audio and video settings. You can select “Blur” under the section that reads “Choose background effect.”