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6 tips to keep your home security system secure

If you have a home security system, it might be vulnerable to individuals with malicious or mischievous intentions. That’s because it uses Wi-Fi — meaning someone can break into it. The footage that your cameras pick up could potentially be made public or used for nefarious purposes. This can include private video and audio which […]

Don’t overshare on the Internet

There is such a thing as too much information. Oversharing is more than simply irritating. When a criminal decides to target someone for an identity theft scheme, they may initiate their attack by simply researching the person’s social media accounts. If the intended victim doesn’t have privacy settings set up, or if they do but […]

Set up your home wireless network using WPA3 or WPA2 encryption

All other wireless encryption methods are obsolete and more vulnerable to exploitation. In early 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced WPA3 as a replacement to the longstanding WPA2 wireless encryption standard. If WPA3-certified devices are available, you should employ the newer standard.

If you’re doing anything sensitive, utilize private browsing

Private browsing is a feature you can turn on in most browsers to disable the collection of cookies and internet history links as well as prevent the storing of any information. While your ISP will still be able to see your data, this can be useful if you wish to hide your online activity from […]

Keep your browser updated

It’s important to keep your browser updated just as much as your security software. Browser updates often patch holes in the app’s security, preventing known exploits from being targeted by cybercriminals. These exploits can be used to steal your personal browsing information or even install a keylogger. In some cases, these holes in security can […]

Turn off your Bluetooth feature when you’re not using it

Just like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is a technology common to many types of devices that sends information wirelessly. Unfortunately, this information isn’t encrypted. It’s best to only turn Bluetooth on when you’re planning to use it, and then turning it off when you’re done.