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Switch off network name broadcasts

Home Wi-Fi routers automatically show up on any compatible devices in range. Inexperienced hackers can find it if they’re nearby, and start trying to crack into the network. It’s therefore a good idea to hide your router’s name. The exact process will differ depending on your provider and online account, but there should be plenty […]

Use a VPN when working remotely

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts data on your device before sending it to a private server, helping you stay more anonymous online. Your IP address and location will become hidden from anything trying to trawl your data. This is a good habit for several reasons, but especially for logging into a shared professional network […]

Tell Google Home to only recognize your voice

Voice Match is a useful function for any Google Home device. Essentially, it makes sure the AI only responds to you and your family, so any visitors can’t access sensitive information on their own. Train Google by opening the Home app and going to Assistant Settings > Voice Match > Add A Device. You’ll have […]

Keep your home private during conference calls

If you work from home and need to join conference video calls for work, make sure you keep your private home protected by using background blur or wallpaper features. An iteration of these are included in most video call programs and apps, but if you come across one that doesn’t have an option to obscure […]

Wherever possible, plug in!

Whenever you can, hardwire your internet connection. If you’re using your computer or laptop at home, reduce the risk of wireless infiltration by turning off the Wi-Fi and plugging in directly to your router. While this might limit where you can set up your desk or home office situation, it could provide you with an […]

Disable WPS on your home Wi-Fi router

Most home Wi-Fi routers have a WPS button on them. This button allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi network without a password and therefore presents a liability to your home digital network security. Fortunately, you can easily disable this button. The method to do so varies from one manufacturer to another, but it’s generally […]