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Powerline adapters can boost home network speeds

Some homes just aren’t very well made for Wi-Fi networks, leading to poor signal strength. A powerline adapter’s range is as long as your electrical circuit, and its signal strength doesn’t lessen with distance. This makes it an ideal choice for large homes, or homes with thick walls that normally interfere with Wi-Fi signals. It’s […]

Don’t throw out old computers without removing or destroying the hard drive first

Those who frequent dumpster sites can find metaphorical gold if someone throws out an old computer, even if it’s no longer functioning. This is because the hard drive is often intact, with all your personal data on it. Erasing the data ahead of time is generally insufficient, as all data can easily be recovered with […]

How to stay safe online when working from home

Hybrid workplaces have never been more in demand than they are today. 9 out of 10 organizations either already have or are planning to create this type of work model for their employees, according to a McKinsey survey of 100 executives spanning a range of locations and trades. Employees and business owners want it, but […]

Don’t treat LinkedIn the same way you would treat Facebook

LinkedIn is used almost exclusively for professional connections. This means it has a very different purpose than other social media platforms such as Facebook, which are more for casual interactions between friends and family. When communicating on LinkedIn, you should keep your interactions professional and don’t comment on anything you shouldn’t. It is best to […]

Periodically reapply your CPU’s thermal paste to prevent it from overheating

Desktop computer CPUs stay cool with fans installed on top of them. These fans are carefully attached to the CPU with thermal paste, which enables effective cooling. However, because thermal paste degrades over time, it’s a good idea to replace it every two to three years. To do this, you’ll need to remove the fan […]

Consider making your Wi-Fi network private for extra security

By default, your router will automatically make your Wi-Fi network visible. However, you have the option of hiding your network completely if you don’t want unauthorized persons to know it’s there. This would require someone to enter the network’s name to connect to it.