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Use an external webcam

Laptops nowadays come standard with a webcam built in, which is certainly convenient but could pose a security risk since you never know if it’s completely turned off. Consider using an external webcam on your laptop, that way you can unplug it to make sure it’s off. As a bonus, external webcams tend to have […]

When using your personal laptop for work, make sure you’re signed into your work Google account

More people are working from home, meaning they’re getting work done on their personal computers. This means that you could be switching between work and personal accounts several times a day. Make sure you are logged into your work account before uploading sensitive work-related documents to online storage, as they could accidentally be uploaded to […]

Try Paranoid for your smart speakers

If you don’t want your smart speaker hearing your conversations, but you don’t want the hassle of consistently muting and unmuting it or using a voice remote, you can try Paranoid. Paranoid is a device that sits on the mute button of the smart speaker and only turns it off when it hears the wake […]

Disable personal results on your Google Nest device

You might want to limit the amount of personal information readily available in your Google Nest device to protect against hackers or guests in your home whom you don’t know very well yet. If that’s the case, you can disable personal results on your Google Nest device, because it keeps track of private information like […]

Lock the room when using Houseparty

Houseparty is a videoconferencing app that does not require a link to access a meeting. Instead, when you log into houseparty, you can see which of your friends are “in the house,” and join their conference without permission — unless their room is locked. You should keep your Houseparty room locked at all times that […]

Turn on a waiting room when hosting a Zoom meeting

If you allow a stranger into a Zoom meeting, they can potentially see personal information in your background. Even if that’s not a risk, the stranger could still harass you or disrupt an important Zoom meeting. A waiting room requires that people request access to the meeting, and you can decide to let them in […]