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Ensure that your employer uses mobile device management (MDM) if you use your own device at work

If you choose to use your own device at work, your employer does not have the ability to wipe your device clean remotely unless they use mobile device management (MDM). If your device gets lost or stolen, a hacker may be able to access your device and whatever sensitive information it contains about your company. […]

Use Mattermost for virtual workplace conversations

Mattermost is a more secure alternative to Slack, so it can be appropriate for a workplace setting. It contains most of the same features as Slack, like multiple chat rooms and the ability to send GIFs and emojis, but it also contains multiple layers of security with its high-trust SaaS approach and lack of third-party […]

Videoconference best practices: Protecting your privacy while maintaining professionalism

If you worked in an office before the pandemic, there’s a good chance that you’ve been working remotely at least part time since March 2020. Looking ahead, the end of the pandemic does not necessarily mean an end to remote work. In fact, 16% of employees will continue to work from home even after it […]

Invest in a durable webcam cover

We suggest keeping your webcam covered whenever you aren’t using it. You can do this with a sticky note or a bandage. However, these products are not very durable and could fall off after time, especially if you frequently remove them and put them back on. A webcam cover sticks securely over your webcam, and […]

Use Jami for videoconferences

With rising privacy concerns regarding popular videoconferencing applications, you should seek platforms with privacy policies that are clear and concise, like Jami. Jami is an end-to-end encrypted videoconferencing alternative, and its privacy policy states that the company only collects data that is imperative to compiling website visit statistics.

Randomize your Windows 10 hardware address

The Windows 10 device hardware address can be used for tracking you as you move between Wi-Fi networks. To prevent this surveillance, toggle on the hardware randomization option in Windows 10’s Wi-Fi settings.