China broke the “ceasefire” cyber war with the U.S.

Multiple attacks on U.S. companies and probably also on government systems. It seems China’s hacker army resumed its attacks after 3 months of silence.

The exact identity of targets hit by latest assault is not fully known, but it seems to be in many companies and government bodies that were also hit by the prior assault in February by a group called “Unit 61398” that was also attributed to theft of trade secrets, drawings of products and production plans, the results of experiments in new products and sensitive business documents of over a hundred companies and organizations during last five years.

Among the most famous victims is Coca-Cola, which was also attacked in 2009 after a failed attempt to take over the Chinese beverage company. More victims are the security company RSA and the huge arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin and several energy and electricity American companies.

Actually, we were not surprised by the renewed activity. This is a recurring phenomenon that can probably be stopped only if the Chinese authorities interfere. Last February attacks stopping stemmed from exposure of the causes behind them, but the hackers have now returned with new hacking tools and worked 60% to 70% of their activity before exposed.

Chinese cyber-attacks have become a major player in the economic/security complex between the two mega powers. It seems the Chinese, for their part, accuse the Americans of hypocrisy and argue that the Americans use cyber warfare as part of their political intervention in other countries and cities and gave the example of the attacks on Iran’s nuclear program computers (using the Stuxnet worm) attributed to the U.S. and Israel.
Last March, the Chinese Defense Ministry accused the U.S. of continuing attacks on both sites of the Chinese army, consisting of 144 thousand hacking attempts.