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Two Big Announcements Today from Total Defense

It’s been a very busy end of year here at Total Defense – we’ve been launching new products, expanding our cloud security network and even collecting a few industry awards.  Not content to end the year on those announcements alone, today we’ve made two major announcements that we’re incredibly proud of. First – we were […]

How much evil can be swallowed?

A new Trojan was discovered, which is well hidden in a very encrypted and complicated code, and if that’s not enough, it penetrates few loopholes in the operating system and becomes impossible to remove! So what can be done? Android users, beware! A new Trojan horse, worse than all its predecessors all together, is starting […]

New worm infects removable drives.

Yet another worm that infects removable drives was discovered. The Win32/SillyAutorun.FTW was recently found in the wild. The worm is written with Microsoft Visual Studio and uses injection engine – worm’s code overwrites the original code in memory. When it runs on infected machine, it firstcopies itself to  %ApplicationData%E-73473-3674-74335msnrsmsn.exe; where %ApplicationData% is application data folder […]

Worm Win32/VBDoc – Evolution

The first variants of Win32/VBDoc worm appeared about half year ago, and this worm has been active since. The description of Win32/VBDoc.H is available on Total Defense Labs Encyclopedia.Many variants of this worm are known, they are released quite frequently by one or more malware writers. When older variant becomes known and detected by antiviruses, […]

Infected Message from Skype.

Recently, many Skype users received messages from unknown sender. A message, usually in Russian language, refers to some pictures and contains link to infected site or archive containing malicious executable.The link is usually hosted at Then the malicious executable is extracted and executed, it blocks access to Skype and sends the same infected messages […]

New Facebook Trojan will do Shares and Likes on your behalf.

A new Trojan is infecting Facebook and distributes itself by sharing links on your behalf. This new malware attack focuses on the users’ Facebook profile. The malware is a Trojan Horse transmitted through a browser plugin, detected so far in Firefox and Chrome. Tracking shows that the Trojan horse was first identified in Brazil, and […]