Again – The Syrian Electronic Army strikes Microsoft

The Syrian hackers are attacking Microsoft again, while trying to convince users to leave Microsoft services.

For the second time in two weeks, after the first attack, the Syrian Electronic Army (or SEA ) manages to break a number of services that belong to Microsoft. This time it is one of the company’s Twitter account ‘@MSFTnews’ used for news about Microsoft and ‘@Xbox’ Twitter account used for support , information and updates on the company’s gaming console. In addition, the Syrians broke briefly to the official blogs site of Microsoft.

One of the messages left on the MSFTnews Twitter account called users to avoid using the e-mail messaging services run by Microsoft, such as Hotmail and Outlook. The hackers claim that these services collect information about their users and forward it directly to governments , for a fee.

Microsoft said that it is aware of the situation and that the personal data of the users is not at risk.