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How to safely manage your voice-controlled gadgets

Devices with voice recognition became much more common throughout the 2010s. The addition of Siri to the iPhone 4S in 2011 spurred major competition among tech vendors looking to put voice-powered assistants at the center of how end users interact with their phones, tablets, speakers and smart TVs. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, among others, […]

Review which devices have access to your Google Account

The settings page on your Google Account is a useful place to review all of the devices that have been used for logging into your account. While most of these are probably devices that you own, it’s a good idea to review them and immediately log out of any that don’t look familiar or that […]

Periodically review your Gmail settings

Gmail provides a lot of flexibility in how you send and check emails. It can even serve as a mail client for non-Gmail accounts such as those hosted at Yahoo and and send mail from their addresses. Every now and then, review the settings tab in Gmail to make sure that the “Send Mail […]

Get backup codes for your Google Account

Google provides many options for securing your account with two-factor authentication. But what if you don’t have access to your phone or other device for confirming a login attempt? This is where backup codes come in handy. These numeric codes can be generated by your Google Account and will work for logging in if you […]

Add a recovery number to your Google Account

When you log into a Google Account, sometimes you’ll see a prompt to add or update a recovery phone number and email address. Adding a phone number in particular is a highly effective way to ensure that you can access and recover your account if you’re ever locked out of it, or if someone else […]

Manage the Voice and Audio Activity of your Google Account

Smart speakers like Google Home have become very popular for their abilities to play music and answer voice queries. They can create some privacy issues, though. You might want to delete some or all of the recordings these devices store of your voice. For Google’s speakers, you can do this from the Voice and Audio […]