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Win32/DomaIQ – An annoying bundled adware.

The Win32/DomaIQ is an adware bundled with legitimate software.Recently discovered one was bundled with Flash Player and .NET Framework.When installing, the bundle allows to uncheck unwanted components, but this actually has no effect. Uninstalling the DomaIQ using Windows uninstall is difficult and not always successful.The file is Nullsoft installer that installs following files:             %TempDir%D??FLASHPLAYER_???CONFIG.DLL            […]

How to mitigate the “Supercookies”

“Supercookies” (Local Shared Object), or flash cookies as they are otherwise commonly called, and their implication on the privacy of Internet users have been a hot topic in the security- news blogs lately. “Cookies”, as most of you already know, are small text files that are used to keep small pieces of browsing information stored […]