New Scam – Clip of Flight MH-17 Crash

A video clip is spreading on Facebook promising “exclusive documentation” of flight MH-17 crash leads the victims to a malicious site that infects computers with viruses .

Since last week, the media around the world is extensively engaged with the Malaysian aircraft crash case.
In recent days, a post is circulating on Facebook claiming to have a video that documents the crash of the plane by anti-aircraft battery operated by rebels. Clicking on the link leads to a bogus Facebook site, where supposedly a video is displayed.

Once surfers click on the video play button they are redirected to another website that in turn tries to infect their computer with viruses.

In addition, victims are required to share the clip on their Facebook time line in order to have access to the “clip”.

As always, in order to avoid these frauds and scams, it is recommend to be suspicious of social network publications that offer “exclusive” news, images or records. Better consume your news from your regular news channels.