Hacking Twitter accounts – sometimes it can be serious

On October 21st, The Twitter account of ‘Malindo Air’, a Malaysian airline company, was hacked. The burglar displayed a message saying that the airline supposedly is giving away 100 thousand free tickets.

Company officials immediately published a denial on that account as well as their Facebook account, however it seemed like the attacker still had access the company’s twitter account as although the original post was canceled, another message popped right after, offering 100 thousand free tickets in light of events.

While the event only caused headache to company officials, it illustrates the apparently simple breakout options into twitter accounts that are available on network. This can be a fun game for kids, however can be a potentially seriously harmful on other cases, for example when a hack was performed supposedly by “The Syrian digital army” on about 30 Twitter accounts of the Financial Times, and an actual harm was caused when the same source burst into the twitter account of the AP agency and planted news about alleged explosions at the White House that led to the injury of President Obama, which caused an immediate drop in the Dow Jones.