Flappy Bird goes viral – literally

According to reports, about 80 percent of the clonings of the popular smartphone game ‘Flappy Bird’ contain virus.

The viruses were observed sending messages and making phone calls without permission, while their main goal is to call premium numbers in order to steal money from users.

Other than that, they can gather information about the location, browsing, and other applications.

Just a reminder, Flappy Bird was a simple game where the user moved a bird through pipes by kicking it up, while gravity pulls it back down.

The game gained enormous popularity among millions of users, until its developer removed it from the network back in February, and promised that the game will return in August in a less addictive version.

Due to its popularity and development simplicity, many developers imitated the game and have sprung and grown even more popular than the original.

Many of the imitations are in fact infected with viruses.

The clones developers probably expected massive downloads and used it to spread their viruses.