Facebook virus: Distribution brings the solution

A Facebook attack started yesterday evening spread throughout the world. Still not clear what was its goal, but it’s probably another attempt to create a computer network attack for a wider future assault. Reason for optimism: The high explosive might of the virus will eventually bring the solution.

A likely scenario is possible for the virus circulated last tonight in Facebook is an attempt to create a Botnet, i.e. a network or an army of computers that can be remotely activated to attack or disable other sites. For example, if a hacker wants to disable a large site and paralyze it, he only needs to send an order to all infected computers which in turn each sends a request or multiple requestes to the site and eventually create a congestion.

In previous cases where surfers were attacked, the goal was to demonstrate the ability to distribute Botnets, and expose security weaknesses that allows the distribution. More options, apart from creating a botnet, are testing a virus or worm before more significant attack or a technical malfunction that caused the hostile virus to be released too early.

So what’s behind the mask? Probably a global attack. However, at this early stage is still difficult to know for sure.

The attack that started yesterday evening on Facebook was worldwide. We noticed a link to a malicious site distributed in the pages of many Facebook users without their knowledge. The virus tagged the victims and tempted them to click the link to label their friends, which in turn could infect them too, and so on.

Distribution data are based on information in the virus and reports that come from all over the world. In addition, the link was distributed by a shorten URL to BIT.LY. We can see that the most infected countries are Brazil, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Portugal, Israel and other countries. It only takes “some seeds” for Ubiquity.

Distribution brings the solution – There is no exact data on the infection, but it seems that tens of thousands surfers clicked on the link. This is of course a careful estimation because it may reach hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. But because it is a virus epidemic, it will make Facebook’s security to operate its halt. Facebook operates regularly to prevent such attacks being made on its network and blocks security holes if these are discovered.