Expect an increase in Malware this Holiday

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Research data taken over last few years shows this period of time to have the largest spike in malware infections. The "bad guys" know that lots of people will search the internet for good deals and the hottest holiday items. They take advantage of this by populating the internet with phony web sites and links that trick folks into downloading malwares like fake antivirus software, ransomwares, bots, etc.

  • The bad guys may target computer users in several ways. Here are few of them:
  • Run online advertisements that link to phishing
  • Send e-mails from unsolicited recipients asking for bank user id, password, or credit card details.
  • Send electronic greeting cards containing malware
  • Provide screensavers or other form of media that may contain malwares

We advise our customers to update their products with latest patches and to be extra cautious when they see any email or instant messages from unknown persons containing URLs/links.