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New SDK, Old tricks – SillyDl repackaged!

Routine processing of our large volume collections has unearthed a sample that seems noteworthy to be mentioned. Digging deeper revealed it was indeed a simple variant descending from a very old and familiar family of Java based Trojans [Java/SillyDl] Intricacies of its execution This sample’s payload is same as what the age old downloader agents […]

SpyEye Behind Cyber-fraud

SpyEye is now very well known within all security communities and security blogs of the world. The latest version of the SpyEye tool includes very powerful capabilities, specifically designed to steal sensitive data from Windows users conducting monetary transactions over the Internet. The Trojan tool is sold on the underground market and in cybercrime forums […]

Rootkit Infection: MBR wanted!

We recently witnessed another rootkit infection which raised the attention of the press and Microsoft users. It is again a high profile malware whose target is the hard drive’s master boot record (MBR) corrupting the bootstrap of the Windows Operating System. Once run the malware follows the steps below: Open file: \.PhysicalDrive0 Create File: hello_tt.sys […]

QR Code: a channel to spread malware?

Not everyone knows what a QR Code is or how they can be used. A QR Code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode reader.  There are many QR Code Reader apps available today for camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on […]

How can you protect yourself following a hack?

LulzStorm hits Italian Universities

Lulz team seems to have their signature on the Security page almost on a weekly basis.  Just today, “The Sun” newspaper’s online home-page has been defaced, playing on the recent Murdoch issue but the most recent and interesting case certainly remains the attack to Italian Universities. On its Twitter page LulzStorm posted a supposed dump […]

How to mitigate the “Supercookies”

“Supercookies” (Local Shared Object), or flash cookies as they are otherwise commonly called, and their implication on the privacy of Internet users have been a hot topic in the security- news blogs lately. “Cookies”, as most of you already know, are small text files that are used to keep small pieces of browsing information stored […]