An alarming increase in ransom-ware infections

An abnormal increase of more than 200% in ransom-ware infections has been observed during the last several months. The malicious code was observed spreading across all of Europe and the U.S.
The ransom-ware takes over the computer, encrypts files mostly by using Filecoder software and then demands a ransom between 100 to 3,000 Euros in order to remove the encryption.

The Filecoder is part of a family of malicious software and is considered more dangerous and heretic compared to other ransom programs following its high level of sophistication and quantity of its versions that have been distributed on the network. The Filecoder usually encrypts images, documents , music files and archives.

An analysis of the ransom-ware code shows that after the threat is installed on the computer and encrypts the files, the user is required to pay ransom between 100 to 200 Euros in order to remove the encryption. However there have been reports in which the hackers demanded a sum of 3,000 Euros and more when it comes to breaking into computer systems of a business that usually is able to pay higher sums .

A recent version of the malware is trying to throw a greater pressure on the user by displaying a counting down timer, threatening to delete the encryption key by the time the countdown ends, unless the ransom is paid.
It is recommended to make sure that your installed anti-virus software is valid and updated, in order to protect your computer, and make a backup of all the information on your computer regularly.