A pornographic virus floods Facebook

During the last hours, a new variant of a known pornographic virus is flooding Facebook.The virus appears in the form of a pornographic picture taken from a porno movie made in the Far East with the caption “OMG! She was forced to do this!” and an invitation to click on a link ensuring more details about the story.

Other variants of this virus started to spread in Facebook during the recent years, however only today this specific variant started a real flooding.

This malicious virus has infected many surfers already, and continues to infect more and more users. It seems like the virus displays different frames from the movie with every infection.

Currently there is no information about the virus and it is unclear what are it’s intents, except to embarrass the infected users.

What you can do is, first of all do not to click on the link if you see it, and check with your friends whether you have been distributing such images. If so, then hurry up and apologize, then change your password and install an anti-virus as soon as possible.