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Total Defense is a global leader in malware detection and anti-crimeware solutions. Tens of thousands of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries have deployed the Company’s solutions, including some of the most sophisticated buyers of security technology worldwide, and millions of consumers worldwide use Total Defense’s products.

Total Defense’s solutions include the industry’s first complete cloud security platform, providing fully integrated endpoint, web and email security through a single Web-based management console with a single set of enforceable security policies. The Company also offers a broad portfolio of leading security products for the consumer market. Total Defense is a former business of CA Technologies, one of the largest software companies in the world, and has operations in New York, California, Europe, Israel and Asia.

Our Story

Total Defense has been passionate about protecting consumers and businesses since 1992. The business originated as a division of Cheyenne Software with the launch of InnocuLAN, one of the industry’s first anti- malware software applications. Cheyenne Software was acquired by CA Technologies in October of 1996 and to further enhance the security portfolio CA acquired VET Anti-Virus from Cybec in 1999. Both of these products
were combined to create eTrust Anti-Virus which was sold through a global network of channel partners. The eTrust product line was launched as the Internet Security Division of CA Technologies in April 2008.

The next couple of years the business saw unprecedented growth through the launch of new consumer products, B2B products, and service programs, and helped raise awareness about the dangers of online threats through its cause marketing efforts.
In June of 2011, the Internet Security Endpoint business was spun off as Total Defense – an independent company focused solely on developing security solutions to protect consumers and businesses of all sizes from the staggering number of digital threats they face online everyday.

Open & Transparent

Total Defense reinforces the importance of trust with a commitment to being transparent with the industry. When it comes to threat research, our reputation depends on fair and clear industry connections. Total Defense’s research teams works with a consortium of companies, exchanging samples, new research techniques, and information on emerging threats.

Total Protection

Total Defense is committed to developing the most comprehensive protection for all our customers in all aspects of their lives with superior products, service and support. This approach provides industry-leading protection for all points of contact between our customers and the digital world. From protecting the critical data of large enterprises to the personal identity information of consumers, Total Defense offers cutting edge multi-layered protection for servers, PC’s, tablets, and mobile devices, that protects against online threats and is easy to install and use. Wherever you are, whatever type of device you’re using to access the Internet, Total Defense provides complete protection.

Service That Goes Above And Beyond For Our Customers

Protecting customers’ means more than preventing dangerous threats from reaching their digital devices, their data and their lives. At Total Defense it means ensuring their software is installed and configured correctly for maximum security. It also means 24/7 support and services provided by caring and knowledgeable digital security experts who ensure Total Defense is always there, passionately protecting users from the relentless and growing threat of malware and cyber-crime.

At Total Defense, It’s More Than Technology

At Total Defense we go beyond securing just our customer’s information, we are also committed to keeping them safe from the explosion of online threats in their everyday lives through education programs and relationships with organizations focused on keeping children and families safe. Total Defense is partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and child safety advocate and host of America’s Most Wanted John Walsh to help raise awareness about online dangers.

Total Defense has also established the Caring for Our Kids Program, whereby Total Defense donates $1 of every unit sold of Internet Security Suite Plus to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and to date has donated over a million dollars. Our proud sponsorship of these programs helps us fight the devastating effects of criminal activity both online and off. That’s going beyond protection and helping provide the public with a total defense.

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